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Supporting Autistic children to build self-regulation skills


For many professionals, especially psychologists supporting neurodivergent children and families, building self-regulation skills is a key therapy goal.


In this session, key considerations when working with Autistic children and their families is discussed from a neurodiversity affirming and trauma responsive lens.


You will walk away from this session with:

  • an understanding of how to tailor your approach to suit the individual child and family
  • key strategies and reflections for your therapeutic toolkit
  • a neurodiversity affirming approach in supporting development of self-reg skills.


Attendees said they loved:

'The practical, real life examples'

'The conceptualisation of emotional regulation considering the child and parents needs/experiences/perspectives and how to address these.'

'The clear re cap at the end, it was so useful for me to remember the key concepts and get a clear outline.'


100% of attendees who completed feedback forms reported they would be able to implement changes in their work as a result of the workshop.


Hoping you too find it useful in your work supporting Autistic children and families!


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